What happens when we neglect our servers?

Today, we worked with a new client that was having some strange problems with connecting issues on thier server. Upon review we found their server was 94% fragmented, one of the worst fragmented servers I have ever seen!

Here’s a screenshot





Can you believe this was also running their Great Plains Accounting database?? Needless to say this client needed a defrag and our popular Server Checkup program. We also recommend to the client to take advantage of our ProactiveMAX monitoring plan.
What’s ProactiveMAX?

ProactiveMAX monitors your servers and workstations and updates us every 5 minutes with the status of these devices. We are able to see databases that crash, high cpu usage, page faults on the drive and more. This proactive approach allows us to fix issues before they become outtages. This means your server has more uptime and your productivity is higher, that puts more money back into your pocket. All for about a cup of coffee per day!!

Learn more about ProactiveMAX here: http://www.global-techforce.com/managed-services/proactivemax-monitoring/