The current version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2019, was released (RTM) on November 4th, 2019 and aims to make data management self-tuning, self organizing, and self maintaining with the development of SQL Server Always On technologies, to provide near-zero downtime. SQL Server 2008 will also include support for structured and semi-structured data, including digital media formats for pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data. In current versions, such multimedia data can be stored as BLOBs (binary large objects), but they are generic bitstreams. Intrinsic awareness of multimedia data will allow specialized functions to be performed on them. According to Paul Flessner, senior Vice President, Server Applications, Microsoft Corp., SQL Server 2008 can be a data storage backend for different varieties of data: XML, email, time/calendar, file, document, spatial, etc as well as perform search, query, analysis, sharing, and synchronization across all data types.

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At the core of almost every application in your business lies a database. Databases provide the underlying support to your customer service, production operations, internal operations, sales, and marketing. From day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, your database is the engine that drive your business. Our remote DBA Experts’ SQL Server technicians have the experience and skill sets you need to ensure that your database environments have high performance, security, and availability.

If you your planning on putting a SQL server into your business Global TechForce can help you plan and implement an SQL server in your business environment. Call or email us for more details.

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