Keeping You Up & Running with Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring™

SentryMAX Monitoring turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed – often involving time-consuming ‘systems fiddling’ on your part – our 24×7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your sites..

Windows Server Monitoring – 24/7

  • Checks Server Performance Monitoring
  • Windows Service
  • Disk Space
  • Critical Events
  • PING Checks
  • SNMP Check
  • TCP Service Checks
  • Website Checks
  • Roll Your Own Event Log Check
  • File Size Check Bandwidth Monitoring

Linux Server Monitoring- 24/7

  • Checks Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Check File System Space Check
  • Linux Daemon Check Log File Check
  • Performance Monitoring Check
  • PING Check Process Check
  • Script Check
  • TCP Service Check
  • Web Page Check

Problems with workstations have an impact on productivity, so when there’s issues, the result can be a productivity-sapping loss of time for users and a knock-on effect across the organization – and that’s bad for business. The SentryMAX Workstation Monitoring tool for Windows and OS X Operating Systems makes it easy to spot and quickly fix periodic workstation problems. No matter what Operating System your clients use –Windows or Apple Mac – SentryMAX has it covered. Monitor ALL desktops and laptops – from one dashboard. Whether on the network or out in the field, Workstation Monitoring can run on any Windows or Apple Mac desktop or laptop – and check for critical issues at a time set by you. It gives you the information you need to do a great job – with minimal impact on the user or the machine. And with central deployment from one networked device, you can be up and running in just 10 minutes.

SentryMAX Remote Management provides a comprehensive range of remote SNMP monitoring, network monitoring and performance management solutions, so you can easily look after your servers, networking equipment, remote offices and websites.

Windows Workstation checks

  • Event logs
  • Antivirus update check, to ensure latest definition files are being used
  • Drive space change check, to alert you to problems that are causing drive space to be consumed at a rapid rate
  • Disk health check, to alert you to failing disks
  • Hacker check, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorized login attempts
  • Windows services check, to report on services which are set to auto-start
  • SNMP
  • RAID array

Our solutions put you in control by offering:

  • SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) monitoring
  • Network device connectivity
  • TCP service monitoring
  • Network security

Network device connectivity

SentryMAX Remote Management’s PING Check provides an easy and effective way of testing network device connectivity. In just 10 minutes you can configure a number of PING Checks for the devices – on the LAN or external network – that are critical to daily business operation.

Test network device connectivity for the availability of critical network devices; printers, photocopiers, routers etc, within the local network, to ensure remote offices are contactable, test non Windows devices such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac are operating, or PING web and email servers to check that they are live.

When a device goes down you’ll be alerted immediately via SMS or email, so you can act fast to restore the connection and keep business up and running.

Remote network security

The SentryMAX Remote Management’s Network Security Monitoring tools help you analyze network security so you know backups have been successful, AV software is up to date, and you are alerted fast to any malicious activity. Knowing that your security infrastructure is in place and software is up to date provides the added peace of mind that networks and data are secure.

Network security audit

SentryMAX Remote Management provides a suite of tools to quickly and easily monitor network security on firewall ports, unauthorized login attempts, security Patch Management, Antivirus signature file update check and Back-Up success.

Antivirus monitoring

We also keep things easy for you by integrating with all mainstream existing Antivirus software vendors. SentryMAX Remote Management’s Antivirus Monitoring gives you a “closed loop” view to check that your virus software is up-to-date.

Manage security risks on the network with TCP service monitoring

Manage security risks on the network with TCP service monitoring

SentryMAX Remote Management’s TCP Service Check alerts you to security risks and malfunctioning TCP/IP Services/applications, so you can spot developing problems on the network, and fix them before they become bigger problems.

The TCP Check monitors a specified port on an IP address or hostname on the LAN, WAN or internet, and alerts you if it is either open or closed. Use it to:

  • Check specific ports – like 25 (SMTP), 80 (HTTP), 3389 (RDP), 1723 (PPTP) – are open when they shouldn’t be
  • Test systems availability/function with the TCP services check
  • Check the email server is accepting email Check that the database server is available
  • Check that the network services DNS, DHCP, Wins, etc. are up Check that the web server is accepting connections
  • Check that the required ports on non-Windows operating systems – such as Linux, Unix or Apple Mac – are not accepting connections
  • VPN services are available to remote users

SNMP monitoring

SentryMAX Remote Management’s SNMP monitoring makes it easy to stay on top of any SNMP-enabled network device and report the status back to your SentryMAX Remote Management Dashboard. One consolidated Dashboard view makes it easy to stay on top of even the most diverse IT and business infrastructure.

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device; server room aircon units; manufacturing instrumentation; industrial fridges; vending and ticket machines; heating and cooling plants; security and fire systems and more.

SentryMAX Remote Management’s SNMP monitoring polls the device itself, rather than waiting for the device to issue a trap. This gives the added benefit of also confirming the device is still there – think of it as a sort of SNMP PING check.

With SentryMAX Remote Management’s Network and SNMP monitoring, you can spot problems early, show where upgrades are needed and deliver better network performance – easy!

Virtualization is here to stay, so if you’re still not incorporating it as part of your managed services offering then you may need to get with the times. SentryMAX can help. Whatever system you’re running – Linux, OS X or Windows on VMWare and Hyper-V – we’ve got it covered so you can offer your clients one of the most comprehensive IT support services around. Easy!

Scripts to get you up and running

SentryMAX has been busy building increasing support for Virtualization with the first scripts released in 2012 enabling you to monitor the state of physical hardware running an ESXi server – including CPUs, memory, fans, PSUs and sensors.

Others* recently added include:

  • Script check to return inventory of Virtual Machines and resources used (optionally alerting if any VMs are not PoweredOn)
  • Script check to return resource utilization of a Virtual Machine (optionally alerting if VM is not PoweredOn)
  • Automated Task to control Virtual Machine PoweredOn state and guest OS shutdown state

…and with more scripts on their way, there’s no excuse not to!

Increase efficiency, optimize performance

If you’re yet to embrace virtualization, now is the time to get up to speed! Making use of virtual servers and desktops has numerous uses and benefits for MSPs:

  • Increase your competitive edge by using virtual servers to consolidate client infrastructures – so they use less physical hardware
  • Optimize performance and resources – build test and demo environments at minimal cost
  • Increase efficiency by using virtualization to aid backup, resilience and disaster recover
  • Monitor host and guest environments
  • Server Monitoring
  • Workstation Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Virtual Machine Monitoring

Systems Reporting

With SentryMAX’s comprehensive reporting tools, we can spot trends in system performance and possibly see a need for upgrades or replacements. This allows us to keep the IT systems that we manage in top form.

Weekly systems check

Schedule a weekly version, showing the results of the Daily Health Checks over the past week. This report is optional.

Monthly systems check

Report on key metrics of server and workstation usage and issues.

Bandwidth and performance monitoring history reporting

Easily identify when and where performance bottlenecks occur, on the server or network, with Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Reports. You can view and print 24-hour and eight-day history reports of bandwidth usage, or any Performance Monitoring parameter (such as processor utilization), directly from your Dashboard.

Access these reports at any time to proactively spot trends that could impact your network, or diagnose any performance issues that you may have experienced. Not only do these reports help us maximize the availability of your network, they also help us identify opportunities to provide server and network upgrades to improve performance.

Hardware and software inventory reporting

With Asset Inventory Tracking we can produce informative and concise inventory reports showing all the hardware and software installed.

Fault history reporting

Our Fault History report tool helps us illustrate your network uptime and explain any outages.

The automated maintenance features in the SentryMAX tool work hard for your company – helping us stay focused on supporting your  business, not on mundane routine tasks . From service scripts to automated tasks and custom scripts, we make efficiency easy.

Easy and comprehensive managed services scripts

  • Stay ‘on the ball’ without physically touching every computer
  • There’s no scripting language to learn
  • Manipulate any file and/or registry key
  • Ability to launch/close any applications
  • Deploy any type of script and execute locally
  • Automated error and failure handling
  • Automatic OS detection

Via the web Dashboard, the tool provides visibility to networks, while creating a flexible and secure solution for us to deploy software, patches and various other automated tasks and custom scripts.  In turn the systems will run more efficiently, resulting in overall improvements in end-user and organizational satisfaction levels and productivity.

With SentryMAX, we can easily automate many of the day-to-day IT tasks that you don’t normally have time to do –  so build for the future, grow your business the smart way and give yourself the time to reclaim evenings and weekends!

Automated tasks

With SentryMAX Remote Management we have the ability to automate routine Administrator tasks, as well as script your own tasks.

Custom scripts

When using SentryMAX Remote Management we can, if you wish, script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. This becomes a very powerful tool, most of all helping us meet your individual and specialist requirements. User-created scripts drive profitability by cutting the cost of delivering preventative maintenance and reducing time spent travelling for technicians.

Automated tasks

The flexibility that is provided by supporting 8 of the most popular scripting languages means customers can use tools that are already familiar to them to monitor custom applications and specialist hardware and to automate a virtually limitless number of key maintenance tasks.

The SentryMAX Remote Management tool offers a complete suite of patch management tools in one application.  With new vulnerabilities announced every week and hundreds of different applications running on your network, deploying effective patch management is critical to being able to maintain the health and security of you systems.

With the comprehensive and robust SentryMAX Patch Management tool, you can kiss goodbye to Windows updates, stop worrying about security on each and every device you manage – and start relaxing while MAX takes care of the work for you – ensuring all essential system updates are applied!

The SentryMAX Patch Management tool

  • Supports ALL updates (including non-security updates) for Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft products including Office and Exchange
  • Covers all 5 major browsers  – Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Support includes most commonly exploited Adobe and Oracle Java
  • Other vendor support including Apple, Mozilla, Zip tools and more as well as Instant Messaging Clients such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger

‘Set and forget’ – or customize depending on customer needs

  • Auto-approve patches (by severity) and schedule installation of approved patches daily, weekly or automatic
  • NEW!  Built in missed schedule options to give you control if the device is ‘off’
  • Or, manually approve and install patches from Dashboard either right away or schedule for later

A comprehensive patch management suite

Monitors servers and workstations via the integrated web Dashboard, providing a single view of what has been installed on each connected client or server. Also trigger automated detection, downloading and deployment of missing patches to ensure a machine is fully patched before it becomes a problem. This approach ensures that all known vulnerabilities are addressed before they’re exploited, drastically reducing maintenance time.

SentryMAX Patch Management scans automatically, or on demand, your networks and gives us all the functionality and tools we need to effectively install and manage patches on all machines, across different operating systems and products, in all languages supported by the vendor.

Automatically keep computers up-to-date with the latest patches and updates

  • Patch Management delivered directly from our Dashboard
  • Vulnerability scanning and security capabilities built on the award-winning GFI LANguard™
  • For Microsoft Windows and Office applications and non-Windows applications
  • Minimal administrative effort, while also providing remedial action through its patch management features
  • Vulnerability scan integrates with existing client reports
  • Schedule security patches to be automatically installed, saving time and improving security.
  • Not just an “on/off” service, it allows you to be much more granular in your approach – learn more in the Alerting & Viewing section.

Highly effective virus protection

Based on the award-winning VIPRE Enterprise Software (ICSA and VB100 certified), Managed Antivirus offers you highly effective virus protection, with very low impact on system resources.

Give yourself peace of mind with secure offsite storage to protect your critical business data.  Our Managed Online Backup feature comes pre-integrated within our SentryMAX solution and  provides an extremely reliable, automatic and affordable offsite backup service.

Free seed loading service

To get you up and running as easily and quickly as possible SentryMAX has introduced a free seed loading service for larger data volumes that will enable you to send us an initial backup using removable media. That’s right, no charge! (100GB minimum)

No hardware to buy or maintain

With the Managed Online Backup feature, there’s no hardware to buy or maintain and it takes just minutes to setup an automatic and secure backup service. Based on the robust IASO backup product, it offers you a highly reliable backup solution, with updates to the latest version. Data is fully encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] technology.

With just a few clicks, we can quickly enable a backup on individual servers and workstations – or on all servers and workstations at the client or site level. Multiple different backup schedules may be set up to suit your requirements.  Easy!

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