IT-MAX Unlimited Support

IT-MAX offers comprehensive services for your workstations, servers and network management to simplify your business demands. Whether you need full IT services or assistance in one or more areas, Global TechForce will customize a solution to fit your needs. As your technology partner, we take command of the critical tasks to keep your systems up and running and optimize network performance at significant savings. We use a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs, and then advise you on the best solutions for your current and future requirements. No matter how great or small your business demands, provides a tailored solution to manage, monitor and maximize your IT resources.

IT-MAX provides insight to prevent network disasters. The ability to predict, quickly identify and resolve problems in the network infrastructure is the cornerstone to maintaining peak performance. Global TechForce provides unlimited remote support by qualified engineers and a team of experts for Microsoft server applications, VMware virtualization infrastructure, Citrix, Cisco networking, and network security. These comprehensive system administration services keep your systems running and your business productive.

Global TechForce continuously monitors your IT operations from anywhere, 24/7. Now you can have confidence that your network is running efficiently and trouble-free.

Unlimited Monthly Support

By paying for monthly support, you are able to budget your IT expenses so that ther are no surprises if a problem arises.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business
Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decision

Optimized Workstations and Servers

By continuously optimizing your workstations and servers, we are improving speed and reliability to the devices. Our monitoring software checks performance of each device so we can provide you with optimized solutions.

Reduced Downtime & Risk

We can track and begin remediation of a known event more quickly and efficiently than the typical “call for support” in the past. Thanks to our robust tools including 24/7 monitoring, many events can be headed off at the pass. Global TechForce is able to determine a failure is imminent and in many cases, allowing remediation efforts that will actually prevent the failure from occurring in the first place, which clearly reduces downtime and risk for the client company.

Flexible Service

IT-MAX can be extremely flexible; a pay-as-you-go payment plan allows for quick growth when necessary, or cost savings when you need to consolidate.

Additional Services

  • Automatic encryption at both the channel and message levels to help control access to data and ensure trusted communications both inside and outside the network
  • Multi-layered anti-spam filtering comes with continuous updates to help guard against increasingly sophisticated spam and phishing threats
  • To protect against malware, leading anti-virus solutions can be integrated throughout the Exchange 2010 network
  • For premium protection, Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange offers multiple virus-scanning engines for even faster detection as well as the option of hosted security
  • Drive down the cost of storage by offering additional storage architecture choices in on-premises deployments
  • Use hardware visualization to consolidate multiple under-utilized physical servers in on-premises deployments
  • Simplify deployment with custom instructions for installing or upgrading to Exchange 2010
  • Perform migrations during normal business hours without taking users offline
  • Access email, voicemail, instant messages, and SMS text messages directly from your inbox using any of the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome)
  • Use Conversation View to see messages in context, making it easier to manage email more efficiently and reduce inbox overload
  • Share your calendar with colleagues both inside and outside the organization
  • Check other users’ availability with the presence indicator and choose the best mode of communication—email, instant message, or SMS
  • Users can easily access their own email archives within their Inbox
  • Automatic archiving eliminates the need to monitor user archiving
  • Easy to search across multiple end-user mailboxes at once
  • No need to purchase and maintain a separate email archiving product


  • Excellent experienced customer service
  • 24/7 support and guaranteed response times
  • Controlled IT expenses with our fixed monthly fee
  • Faster performance and less downtime with our monitoring processes
  • Trusted advice from certified Experts
  • Unlimited Phone, Remote and after-hours emergency support
  • Issue tracking through our client portal and ticketing system
  • Single point of contact for all technology needs


  • 24/7 Support Unlimited Phone Support
  • Unlimited Remote Control Support
  • Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Microsoft Application Support
  • Emergency After-Hours Support
  • Online Asset Management Desktop Optimization and Management
  • Spyware and Adware Protection and Removal
  • VPN Client Management Antivirus Software Subscription
  • Microsoft Patch Management
  • Built-In Workstation Backup and Recovery
  • PC and Printer Setup
  • All services included in PC Management
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • Log File Maintenance
  • Server Optimization and Management
  • Drive Space Management
  • Print Server Management
  • Server Application Administration
  • DB Server Administration
  • Backup Software Administration
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • User Account Administration
  • File Sharing Administration
  • File Security Administration
  • Network Security Management
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • VPN Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Router Management
  • Switch Management
  • Wi-Fi Device Management
  • Network Device Backup and Recovery
  • Cisco Networking

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