You should have already known that business data are important assets of your company that you cannot afford to lose. If your company just backs up data on-site, i.e. within your office premises, these data will be lost when a disaster strikes. Therefore, the most effective method to protect your data is to back up your data off-site. Global TechForce’s Online Backup MAX™ Vault is an ideal off-site backup solution in safeguarding mission critical business data against loss caused by accidents and system failure.

Backup Features:

First Class Data Center

Your backup data will be stored in a first class data center, which has obtained ISO20000 for IT Service Management and ISO27001 for IT Security Management certifications. We offer a unique range of services supported by state of the art infrastructure, thus giving you peace of mind in data protection.

Maximum 20Mbit/s Dedicated Bandwidth

Two data centers occupied by Online Backup MAX™ are located in Tampa Florida and Dallas Texas. Customers can enjoy a maximum of 20Mbit/s connection speed. Backing up 10GB of data only takes about an hour to complete. In conjunction with our In-File Delta and seed-load technologies, backing up a large amount of data can be completed in a very short period of time.

Restore Data through the Internet

Online Backup MAX™  Vault provides online data restore function, which allows user to restore backed up data through the Internet at any location. For example, when a staff urgently requires to retrieve a file from Online Backup MAX™’s backup server during a business trip, he/she can simply do it by logging in his/her backup account via any common web browser.

256-Bit Data Encryption

All user accounts will be password protected. Besides, all backup data will be 256-bit encrypted and compressed before uploading to Online Backup MAX™’s server via secure SSL connection channel. Moreover, the encryption key will not be uploaded to the backup server during backup. Therefore, backup data are securely protected.

Off-site Protection

As your data is stored in a place far away from your office, in case of accidents such as natural disaster, human mishandling, hardware malfunctioning, or a system crash, your backup data will not be affected and are readily available for restore.

Online Backup Pricing:

We made our pricing simple by putting them into “blocks of data” packages. This way your not paying for an increase until you move to the next tier package! It’s affordable and best of all, it’s enterprise backups designed to fit your budget.

  • 1-10 gb per month: $20
  • 11-25 gb per month: $50
  • 26-50 gb per month: $100
  • 51-75 gb per month: $150
  • 76-150 gb per month: Call for special price

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