Since I got a new SSD drive. I decided to install Windows 7 and try out the Office 2013 preview. After downloading the 800mb file, I installed Office to the non-ssd drive.

Installation was smooth, i chose custom install so that I could specify what MS apps I didnt want (Access, Infopath and a few others.) It only took about 10 minutes and completed succesfully.


The first thing I had to try was Outlook. I setup an Exchange account using autodiscovery. After it was complete, the Outlook 2013 app loaded and went to the home page:

[custom_frame_left] [/custom_frame_left] [clear]

My initial reaction was that the screen was too plain, I’m used to all the different colors. However after using it I’ve kinda grown fond of the “clean” look Office 2013 offers. One new feature I love with Outlook is the new Inline Reply. This feature allows you to reply to a message without getting the new window when clicking reply.


Check back for updates as I play around with Outlook and learn some cool tricks that I will be sharing