Antivirus Comparative Report 2012

Global TechForce researches the top products each year to provide our clients the very best
anti-virus products for their business environment. The less the protection, the more time you spend on your servers and workstations. So our goal is to provide an educated decision on purchasing the very best Antivirus Available. We take the total score of different areas such as File-Detection, Performance, False-Alarms.


*We take data from several review companies, but most of our data comes from AV-Comparatives, a independent company that has been reviewing AV products for years.



 Real-World” Protection Tests




File Detection










Performance Test

*high number is better


Total Score

Top 3 Products based on all tests combined:

  1. Kasperksy…. 12 Stars
  2. Eset…9 Stars
  3. Bit Defender …12 Stars

Top 3 Products Global TechForce recommends, not in any order:

  1. Kasperksy
  2. Eset
  3. Symantec