Vroom Vroom! Computers are like Car engines. Over time they slow down and a tune-up is needed to bring the computer from a slow crawl to a fast computer, like it was when you first bought it!

Let Global Techforce Perform a Tune-Up and speed up your computer today!

Computer Tune-Up Services


Analyze Running Processes – Do you turn on your PC, get a cup of coffee, read the paper and still wait for it to load? Most computers take a while to load because there are tons of processes that are starting up. Our engineers will analyze what processes are running, and determine what processes can be eliminated. This will help speed up your computer and the boot up process.

Clean Up Disk Space – Sometimes computers run slow because there are tons of data on the hard drive. We can clean up the disk space which not only helps speed up your PC, but also gives you back unused space.

Remove Orphaned Registry Keys – We clean out your Windows Registry to help optimize Windows.

Check for Malware and Spyware – Sometimes your PC will run slow when unwanted software is installed. We will scan your PC for all forms of viruses and remove them which will help increase computer performance.

Defragment Files – Over time files on your computer get fragmented, while this is a normal process defragging your files will help increase computer performance.

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