Global Techforce has over 18 years experience in supporting computer and networks for both residential and business clients. Our engineers are certified in just about all areas of computers which allows us to fully support your environment.

Computer Support Services

Setup and Installation Services  – We offer setup and installation for desktops and laptops, operating systems, software, internet, email clients, and peripherals.

Computer Support Services – If your having problems with your computer we can remote into your computer and fix the issue. No problem is too big or too small

PC Tune Up Services – Does it seem like your computer is slower than it was when you first bought it? Does it take forever to open applications? We can help speed it up and in most cases make it faster than it was when you first bought it!

Computer Upgrade Services – At same point or another you will need to upgrade your computer. Upgrades are important because it helps you run the latest software. Whether it’s a software or hardware upgrade we can help you upgrade your computer to the latest standards.

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